Bosnia Herzegovina

Carska Vina

David Cuvée Red

Very interesting red cuve - mix of cabernet sauvignon and blatine. Very fruty, sweet taste. — 8 months ago

Wines of Illyria

Illyrian Traditional Blatina Rose 2019

First warm day of the Spring season, so I thought it was time for some Rose’. 100% Blatina grapes from Bosnia Herzegovina. Light coppery/salmon color. Aromas and flavors of peach, apricot, red berry/cherry and citrus fruits. A nice creamy and weighty texture and also very savory. Crisp acidity brightens the finish. — a year ago

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Wines of Illyria

Blatina 2015

Wine is a medium garnet, with a medium intensity on the nose. Aromas of black currants, black plum, Black cherry, and anise. On the palate there is an intense flavor that matches the nose, but some earthy notes such as the forest floor. medium to Low tannins that are very well integrated. A long and pleasant finish. The wine is balanced, with very unique, identifiable flavors. There could be a little more complexity though. Overall, a very good, almost outstanding wine! — 2 years ago

Wines of Illyria

Stone Cuvee Zilavka Bena 2021

Clean and refreshing, green apples, lychee and honey, scents of chamomile w/ slight mineral and herbal-toned finish. A really interesting white blend — 9 months ago

Wines of Illyria

Tamjanika 2020

100% Tamjanika. A white grape that is native to the country of Herzegovina. Nice straw color. Aromas of dried citrus fruit, lime zest and white flowers. Pallet notes peach, citrus fruit, green apple and fresh herbs. Nice mineral note on the finish. Bracing acidity and quite fresh tasting. Very easy to drink. — a year ago

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Vinarija Carski Vinogradi Mostar

Emporia 2019

Primarily the unique Blatina (Interesting grape-85%) with some Vranec (10%) and Alicante Bouchet (5%) blended in. Deep ruby color. Aromas of sour red fruits (cranberries and pomegranates), earth, dried flowers and herbs. Pallet if full of sour cherry and raspberry flavors along with that earthy component. No oak. Long finish. Extremely smooth tannins. Enough acidity to maintain balance. Interesting and delicious! Thank You Ron B! — 2 years ago

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Teuta (Queen of Wines)

Trnjak 2022

Golden honey color. Slightly salty. Peach. — a year ago

Vino Milas


This is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s pricier bottles. But it is also a concrete example of the potential that this country has around the production of excellent wine. Full bodied; cherries, plums and blackberries. Drinks great right off the pop. This one gives Nuic’s Trnjak a run for its money to stand out as the country’s best quality red… — a year ago

Vinogradi Nuić

Ljubuški Pošip

Prekrasan miris pokosenog sijena i livadskog cvijeca, koji budi veselost poput leprsave rasplesane dugokose plavuše sa cvjetnim vjencom u kosi.
U ustima se rastapa svjezina koja osvjezava poput oluje i navlaci osmjeh na lice.
Za preporuku svima koji zele lagano i opusteno uzivati u vinu.
— a year ago

Wines of Illyria

Trnjak Illyrian Traditional Red Blend 2019

Interesting varietal that is indigenous to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Dark garnet color. Lovely aromas and flavors of raspberry, cherry, plums, and currants with notes of herbs, vanilla, cloves and cinnamon. The pallet is especially loaded with fruit. Full bodied and bold, but there is also elegance. The combination of herbal and baking spice notes make this a very unique wine. Perfectly balanced. Still a baby but so easy to drink. Who knew? Revisited in July 2023. Still excellent! — 2 years ago

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