Domaine de Fontsainte

Corbières Grenache Blend 2018

Fruity with a little barnyard on the nose. Very #glouglou #kermitlynch — 2 years ago

Domaine Maestracci

E Prove Rosé Corse Calvi Sciacarello Nielluccio 2016

Mason Balistreri

I'm thinking about selling all my shit and moving to Corsica. I probably wouldn't last long since I have no language skills. #kermitlynch #rose #rosewine #corsica #corsicanwine #corsicarose #dryrose — 4 years ago

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Guido Porro

Vigna Lazzairasco Barolo Nebbiolo 2012

A Barolo and a Pinot meet at a bar. Who wins? Who cares...they became friends and made this dandy of a combo! Thanks #kermitlynch — 4 years ago

Kermit Lynch Blends

Vin de Pays du Vaucluse Red Rhône Blend 2015

#kermitlynch’s name takes top billing on this, and it’s a trend we’d like to see more of—importers/sellers bottling under their own name. They do it across the pond, and Berry Bros everyday claret is very nice indeed. Ditto Waitrose sherry. So what of this VdP Rhône? Much better than it deserves to be, a harmonious accord of fruit and tannin to be enjoyed on a Monday or any other night you please. — 3 years ago

Alsu Shakirova
with Alsu

Francine et Olivier Savary

Chablis Chardonnay 2016

Mason Balistreri

I'm trying to get caught up from vacation, and this half bottle of Savary Chablis is helping me cope. It's a nice wine and has a touch of this vanilla wafer thing going on in the finish. It's subtle but there. Acidity isn't as high as other producers I've tasted from 2016 lately. Quality seems to run the gamut depending on the style and producer. #kermitlynch #chablis #burgundy #whiteburgundy #chardonnay #frenchwine #drinkingnatural #DomaineSavary #SavaryChablis — 4 years ago

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Patrick Jasmin

Côte-Rôtie Syrah 2012

Mason Balistreri

Domaine Jasmin Cote Rotie 2012 Vintage
A wine that seems to make the rounds as you can currently find it from @rarewineco , @kermitlynchwine and - here in Denver - from @ajselection. Old school producer that survived through WWII and sticks to just one bottling. De-stemmed from what I surmise but not without a rustic, bloody meatiness on the nose. Slight reduction, still young. The fruit character is markedly NOT black or purple like the Crozes / St Josephs I'm so often drinking instead (cheaper). Instead, it's a medley of black cherry, strawberry and sweet raspberry with an oddly contrasted tropical edge (hello 4% viognier!), that ultimately takes a back seat to the savory, spice notes. Certainly ample body despite being only 12.5% and aged in neutral oak. Seems built for the long haul. Cool wine. I sell magnums of 2007... I wonder what that tastes like?

#syrah #classicwines #coterotie #northernrhone #jasmin #rarewineco #kermitlynch #AlainJunguenet
— 4 years ago

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