Justin Vineyards & Winery

Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Brimming with an unpalatable shock of alcohol, thick, juicy gobs of overripe blackberry and an avalanche of new oak chips in this monstrosity of a wine is no better then the $8 Apothic Inferno positioned on a case stack next to the waste bin. Hats off to the greed of billionaire owners (Resnicks) that clear cut hundreds of acres of mature, natural oak tree habitat to make way for vines to create this utter disgrace of California grape juice that follows in the trends of Parkerized excrement. If character, style, grace, food pairing, honestly anything other than a quick and distasteful buzz are what you’re looking for I would still steer wide of this waste of shelf space. Do your research, learn about the owners and their run in with the law in 2016. We are all paying dearly and will never forget as long as this wine exists under the name Justin or any of its affiliates. It didn’t even remotely improve my experience at the laundromat. This bottle was gifted to me... just to be clear it’s not worth spending a dollar over $1 to try this. Boycott Justin!!! #justin #justice #plonk — 4 years ago

Emilee Clark
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All Great Things Freedom Red Blend 2010

This fab #Wine is a bit young but @Steak954 , I need some @FantescaWine #AllGreatThings #Justice #HeidiBarrett #SirWinstonChurchill — 9 years ago