Cascina Chicco

Extra Brut Cuvée Zero Rosé

What a lovely extra brut rosé of 100% Nebbiolo! Really nice to experience it in a singular context, away from its sister wines of such pedigree and substance that they cause her to become an afterthought. She is an amazing rosé extra brut with mineralogy for meters and miles and a tinge of signature Nebbiolo citrus upon a strawberry seed bed. With a smoky note to the bluing descent into a rain puddle of gravure. Charcoal lines connoting the breadth of an ageless arboreal apparition. #Nebbiolo #italiansparkling #extrabrut #piedmont #bubbles #spumantizzata #spumante #cascinachicco #rosealldamnday #roseseasonneverends #piemonte — 6 years ago

Cascina Chicco

Riserva Ginestra Barolo Nebbiolo 2008

Gorgeous garnet exhibiting classic orange notes and the tiniest tinges of age, but the aromas of cut cherry and citrus jump from the glass! Blood orange thyme and watermelon on a grill with red currant and just a touch of cranberry and holly to keep it festive. The tar is a hovering ethereal addition that would be a side note, but it hovers like a smoky cloud that adds a dark spirit to the whole, though it feels bright and fresh. A dichotomy, but one that seems an integral part of the whole. Every sip sends your tastebuds racing in a wash of intense red raspberry, plum, violet, thyme, racy citrus and grainy cedar, silky tannin, an unobtrusive touch of vanilla and sweet tobacco! Finesse and sophistication from entry to satisfying finish. An amazing wine with endless subtleties, physically pulling you in with its seductive structure. #cascinachicco #singlevineyard #barolo #ginestra #ethereal #nebbiololife #nebbiololover #nebbioli #nebbiyolo #piedmont #piedmontwines #piemonte — 6 years ago

Cascina Chicco

Langhe Nebbiolo 2015

Tar and blackberries descend within a rain of fine ashes, black lime and basil. Graphite and concrete seem to encircle. There is a residual whiff of grilled bone and the expected black rose petals. Licorice, black cherry, a creamy chocolate texture, an explosive grilled citrus and black lime that becomes black currant and dry graphite with dried black olive delicately rolled in phyllo-thin layers to reveal expressive, cotton-like tannins that linger in tea leaf voluptuousness! My absolute favorite Langhe Nebbiolo! #CascinaChicco #langhenebbiolo #Langhe #Nebbiolo #piedmontesewines #piedmonte #babybarolo #realwine #tannin — 6 years ago

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