Hudson River, New York

Wild Arc Farm

Amorici Field Blend

Bright & zesty with a little fizz — 11 days ago

Brotherhood Winery

Rosario Red Blend

Fruity flavorful summer patio sipping wine. Sweeter than what I usually prefer, but nice in the right context. — a year ago

Wild Arc Farm

Bi Sekt Riesling Traminette 2018

Excellent magnum, fun to share! Good amount of barnyard and acrid, cat piss nose balanced out with a soft bubble and medium acidity. A little tight. A close, sparkling cousin to their Luca (Traminette). — a year ago

Josh Smith
with Josh

Fjord Vineyards

Region Hudson River Cabernet Franc 2021

S Wood

Beautiful Cab Franc nose, bright tight low tannin, substantial fruit. — 2 months ago

Cascade Mountain Vineyards

Heavenly Daze Red Blend

This is an AMAZING dessert wine. It's fruity and citrusy and sweet (but not sticky sweet), and it has a nice undertone of vanilla that comes through. — a year ago

Hillrock Estate Distillery

Double Cask Rye Whiskey 1505

This Rye is for sipping, and is buttery. — 3 years ago

Wild Arc Farm

Luca Hudson River Traminette 2020

Orange, citrus peel nose. Stone fruit, much more stable than last year’s. Solid. — 7 months ago

Josh Smith
with Josh

Fjord Vineyards

Hudson River Region Albariño 2017

High acidity, crisp finish, slight floral on the nose. One of my top favorite Albariños. — a year ago

Tuthilltown Spirits

Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey 2018

Smooth, perfect for making rye Manhattans. One of my favorite small batch whiskeys. It is produced at National Historic site in the Hudson Valley. — 2 years ago

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