Arbois, Jura

Philippe Bornard

Le Ginglet Arbois Pupillin Trousseau 2018

A little riper than other vintages but the strawberry funk violet fizz combo still slaps — 8 days ago

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Jean-Louis Tissot

Arbois Poulsard 2019


some residual sugar with juicy fruits. Complexity such as tea leaf, hot spicies.
pure expression of rich fruits, silky texture.
— 4 days ago

Bénédicte & Stéphane Tissot

D.D. Arbois Poulsard Blend 2019

Pleasure wine. Soft, juicy strawberry and cherry with a fresh soil aspect. Subtle, fine-grain tannin frames mouthwatering acidity. Drank from the fridge over 3 days and it developed beautifully. — 18 days ago

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Domaine de la Renardière

Jurassique Arbois Pupillin Chardonnay

Beautiful. Slightly oxidative. Lovely texture and depth. — 8 days ago

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Renaud Bruyere & Adeline Houillon

Arbois Trousseau 2014

Quite young still, light bodied with heaps of red berries. Best enjoyed chilled, as the acidity is a bit moderate, wich is more evident when the temperature rises. — 5 days ago

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Frédéric Lambert

Vin Jaune Côtes du Jura Savagnin 2014

Wow. Trying to write something about this but it keeps changing. Cigar smoke, walnut and sour patch kids. Fantastic. — 11 hours ago

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Renaud Bruyere & Adeline Houillon

Nouvelles - Viaduc Arbois Blanc Savagnin Chardonnay

Opens up with lemon and a hint of vanilla. I have not encountered vanilla like this in these wines before, or maybe I mistook it for something else. Anyway, a bit rounded in the corners, fruit just starting to develop. Very good now, great future ahead. — 5 days ago

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Kevin Boiullet

Pépin Blanc Pupillin White Blend 2018

Delicious Jura juice- very aromatic, amazing rich minerality, orchard fruit, a little oxidative. — a day ago

Jean François Ganevat

Sous la Roche Côtes du Jura Savagnin 2014

Changing it up! Ganevat’s whites are really something. Amazing yellow fruit intensity with complex nutty elements and layered minerality that’s backed by ripping citrusy acids. Everything you want from this wine. Awesome. — 6 days ago

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