Casablanca Valley Pinot Noir 2015

Who's giving this good reviews? 2015 was a bad year for Chilean wine and this exemplifies my premise. This wine is not good wine. I can't put my finger on the flavor but the flavor is likened to manure. Bitter, molded fruitiness, it really hit the palate wrong. #next — 6 years ago

Malibu Family Wines

King of the Mountains Cuvee Malibu Estate Cabernet-Shiraz Blend 2013

Jay Christianson

Nose held promise, the mouth didn't deliver. No detectable faults. #next #cabernetday — 6 years ago

Line Shack Winery

San Antonio Valley Syrah 2013

I just can't. Too tart and impossible to enjoy. #next — 7 years ago