Santa Carolina

Reserva Leyda Estate Pinot Noir 2015

2015 Leyda Estate Pinot Noir
Has that saucy herbal shroud that Chile PN often plays and this stays fresh, has nice balance for
#dailytable pairing
— 4 years ago

La Villette

Grenache Blend 2013

Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre
Pleasing melange of red and blue fruits, sufficiently round, with a rustic fresh edge.
#dailytable delivery from Monsieur Touton imports
— 5 years ago


Organic Mendocino Zinfandel

Fresh strawberry a bit syrupy but restrained compared to many fat zins. Bitter chocolate notes rein in the fruit, and fairly well balanced for #dailytable. — 5 years ago

Chris liked this

Fess Parker

Fess Parker Frontier Red Blend Lot 94

Frontier Red Lot 94
Abundant fruit, log cabin edge
#dailytable strong
— 4 years ago

Bodegas Flaco

Estate Bottled Cabernet Sauvignon

Sapid red currant, slippery green tracers. #dailytable qualified and budget value to boot. — 5 years ago

Poggio al Casone

Casone Toscana Sangiovese Blend 2010

Super fresh, nice texture, sour cherry bramble bright. Salivary action with savory undertone. #dailytable approved — 5 years ago

Dominio de Eguren

Codice Vino de la Tierra de Castilla Tempranillo

Bright ruby with violet flecks. Snappy, sapid and spicy.
#dailytable strong
— 5 years ago

Michel Torino

Cuma Organic Malbec 2016

Basic #dailytable priced Malbec, plum skin and barrel edge...high altitude tightness carries the fresh. Extra point for the organic fruit. — 4 years ago

Tierra Brisa

Mendoza Malbec 2015

#Dailytable score, juicy, angular with a touch of barrel spice that communes with smoked chicken breast and peppers. — 5 years ago

Château Sainte-Eulalie

Printemps d'Eulalie Minervois Rosé Blend 2015

Simple strait strawberry and saline. Easy weight, light tart tannin. #dailytable dry #rosé — 5 years ago