Château Clinet

Ronan Bordeaux Rosé 2016

Выпито ,375 Ronan by Clinet в Обнинске. Прекрасное мягкое рабочее Бордо в Померольсеом стиле. Очень зашло. Цена - смешная, 760 рублей в Vinoterra. Надо будет забрать остатки. Сегодня Женя подарил мне фантастический подарок на Дееь Рождения! Они с женой большие молодцы! — 2 years ago


Kakheti Saperavi 2011

Orange wine. Orange peel, rose petal, dry, dry tannins, tea a la peche, puffed rice. — 8 years ago


Kakheti Rkatsiteli 2017

Lots of tannins but still really easy to drink too fast — 3 years ago


Saperavi Selection 2008

Super concentrated dark berry and black cherry. Slight chocolate and smoked meat notes. Intense tannin. Yummy. — 8 years ago

Kaitlyn Sulenski
with Kaitlyn


Vinoterra Kakheti Kisi 2011

This is a really pleasant traditional style orange wine. Floral notes and a mysterious toasted-herbs-de-provence round out this wine. Tannins are a bit rustic, but it works well in this wine. — 9 years ago


Kakheti Kisi 2012

Liza likes, Remi doesn't — 6 years ago

Vitaliy liked this


Vinoterra Kindzmarauli Saperavi 2014

Leon H

Lovely blackberries, maybe leather on the nose, very dry on the palette, fresh sourness, fruity, quite elegant. Lovely. — 7 years ago


Dry Kakheti Mtsvane 2011

Supercool minerally oxidized white, poured by the glass at Hearth. — 9 years ago