Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon

Awesome Cab. Had in Chattanooga at Lakeshore marina. Has a great wood flavor with a hint of sweetness. Would definitely buy again. — 6 days ago

Filipa Pato

3B Bairrada Rosé Espumante Baga

Fragrant and delicately fruity, gorgeous peachy-pink. What you drink when a fascist, racist sexual predator defeats the should-have-been-first-woman-president. — 8 years ago

Off Color Brewing

Apex Predator Third Tropic Level Farmhouse Ale

Brightly bitter, with a long yeasty, wheaty finish. Yum! — 9 years ago

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Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel

Good one for tomato side — 10 months ago

Château Milens

St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend 2010

Like a predator taking in the scent of it's pray, I had been leering at this bottle all night. Then she finally opened up and spilled her juices and I had come to the hard realization that I won't so soon see her again. — 6 years ago

Pietra Santa

Cienega Valley Zinfandel 2009

Jack at specs after we had predator. Like a mini predator. Not bitter. Or high alcohol. We will have to look up when we go to Carmel in September. — 9 years ago

Gene Unmuth

Gene Unmuth

$13.99 at specs before discount. Will definitely buy again and look up in carmel


California Cabernet Sauvignon

Perfect cab. Not too sweet or too dry — 6 years ago


Six Spot Lodi Red Blend 2015

Chocolate and cherries — 6 years ago

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Puma Road

Cabernet Franc 2011

Delectable identified this as Cab franc but actually it is the Predator Meritage-a real find. Smooth, rich, low tannins but nicely balanced acid with tons of dark fruit — 8 years ago