Mister Helios Dry Moschofilero 2019

Sharp, mealy bouquet. A little off aromatic for the typical Moschofilero. Although, strong scent of pineapple cores.

Organic, no additives, and the oldest importer of the varietal to the states. Super pineappley, bracing acidity, feels very old world authentic. Like I’m in Greece and this is the one they would serve at the table overlooking the teal expanse of ocean.

Slight licorice that balances out the sweetness.

Interesting and wonderful.
— 4 months ago

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Sauvignon Gris 2015

Lemony and smooth — 4 years ago


Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2010

Cinnamon, black tea, vanilla,little amount of tobacco, good acidity — 4 years ago

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Robert Biale Vineyards

Black Chicken Napa Valley Zinfandel 2005

Really pleased with this at the Tavern wine store in Arcadia. — 4 years ago

Stag's Leap Wine Cellars

Arcadia Vineyard Block 2B Chardonnay 1993

Surprisingly well structured for age. Just on downward slide, but still balanced fruit, acid and tannin. Very enjoyable — 5 months ago


Riserva Costasera Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Corvina Blend 2013

Pricey bottle and fucking fabulous. Not worth the money unless you’re flush with cash or have a good reason to celebrate. I’m obviously in the latter camp as I’ll never be ‘flush with cash’ (1-Muz, delectable review, 2019) but I certainly had reason to celebrate! Sure, my leg is fucked and I’m on pain meds but I refrained from taking meds all night so I could enjoy the company of birthday boy, bassist and sound tech extrodinaire (French cuz he French) snaps Ducharme and later, best-dude, drummer, business partner and brother Philip nauseous at local champion pub, Arcadia and then truly begin the personal celebration... the wine is flavourful and hearty but smooth, much like myself after a bottle of wine, and I enjoyed it with my girlfriend after first having a glass of wine from a $20 bottle (plus three air miles... I’m saving for a special trip). I cooked steaks and steamed green beans and cauliflower which turned out extremely well, however, she may have completely changed how I eat steak from now on, which I’m ambivalent about... I know I’m not perfect but I don’t want to change my essence, I’m still trying to decide whether an Italian style of eating steak infringes upon my authenticity. We finished the bottle after dinner obviously having drank most of it with the food, and talked about the food, wine and life. This is another italianism I seem to have picked up, talking about food... so you can see why I’m cautious! I haven’t gotten to the reason for celebrating yet but my girlfriend got a new job (sadly, in another city...)! Conversation was mostly positive and optimistic which is fabulous because I’m still fearful of the future and what being apart this next year will mean for us. She went to bed early because of the heavy food and drink and the business of her last week; she also taught the first class of one of her spring courses this evening so I may not recommend this wine to dudes that simply want the ‘score’ although taking everything into account, the wine was only part of the reason... I stayed up later playing guitar and painting and contemplating the future with a slightly cheaper but quality Malbec and took my meds finally. This made me slightly tragic and sad but not so much that I couldn’t still be optimistic and hopeful for the future. If life is complicated but worth celebrating, I highly recommend this wine. It’s probably the second or third best bottle I’ve ever had and was worth the cost considering the circumstances. — 3 years ago

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Field Recordings

Skins Chenin Blanc Blend

Love it! On a Sunset list of 100 best wines. Bought at Arcadia Premium. — a year ago

Arcadia Bohemia

Mornington Peninsula Chardonnay 2017

Racy, tight with strong citrus flavours, subtle wood, excellent. — 4 years ago


Pinot Gris 2014

Crisp dry white which makes me think that it is what quartz might taste like. Really pleasant with a hint of fruit and no alcohol on the palate — 4 years ago