California Red Blend 2020


With R. Fruity, easy drinking, a little smokey — 7 months ago

David Akiyoshi

La Strada California Red Blend

So nice and soft with a very sentimental dinner I had alone except for my memories. Went easily with my late husband’s mother’s recipe for “gravy” with meatballs and sausage and my own homemade Italian bread still warm from the oven. — 2 years ago


Reserve Barrel Aged Pinot Noir

Great light easy drinking but balanced Pinot! — 3 years ago


Sur Lie Aged Lodi Chardonnay 2021

See my review from January 2023 — 9 months ago

LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyards

Estate Grown Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

David Akiyoshi, one of my favorite winemakers, is the genius behind Lange Twins wines. I myself actually created their first Web site (the current site has nothing to do with me).

While they don’t make a fuss about this in their labels or promotional materials, these wines are produced organically and biodynamically, to the extent that they even create new homes on the estate for any creatures which may be inadvertently displaced by the wine growing.

Lots of organic wines out there simply do not taste very good. A more cynical fellow than myself might even think that there is an intent to make folks feel so good about buying organic that this offsets the low quality of the wine. In contrast, Lange Twins wines do not even trumpet their organic nature, but the wine taste and quality can stand up to much of what is produced in Napa and Sonoma.

This Cabernet has a medium body and a rich, chewy finish. There’s a bit of dried cherries and mocha flavors up front, leading into a sustained blackberry tone. We enjoyed it with Italian style stuffed bell peppers and Caesar salad. Great stuff!
— a year ago

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David Akiyoshi

Ink Ink Ink Red Wine Blend

A brooding delicious dark wine! — 4 years ago

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@Taylor Angino Taylor great description and post. Have a safe and healthy weekend. Cheers 🍷


Reserve Clarksburg Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

Like biting into a warm steak — 9 months ago


California Rosé of Pinot Noir 2021

I don’t drink rose wine, but this one is really nice! Crisp like a white, but a softer, mor full flavor. Very enjoyable! From Naked wines. Tasted 23 October 2022. — a year ago


Sugar Cube Blanc California Sweet White Blend 2019

Smells sweet, tastes sweet. Not overbearing, reminds me of a moscato. Smooth. A great summer wine! — 2 years ago


California Pinot Noir 2016

Saved it for a special occasion... it did not disappoint! — 4 years ago