Château Pontet-Canet

Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend 1999

Black cherry and plum tart emerging through aromas of violets dotting brown breads, shiitake and black oak. Cinnamon, cedar and clove coalesce. Raspberry reduction with currants. Hints of mints. Tart cherry palate brings cherry reduction and black currants, tons of dark cedar wrapped cigar, tart blackberry, peppercorn and cinnamon stick. Green notes suggest this is still young and half-blossomed despite the quarter century. Grainy tannins, though rounded.

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Nice pull 👍

Château Pontet-Canet

Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend 2014

Black olive, rye crust, bran, olive wood, wood ear, black currant, cassis, and gravel nose. Black and tart cherries, rose stem, mulberry, cassis, mocha cigar, baking chocolate, plum skins. Elegant, if a little closed.

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Château Pontet-Canet

Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend 1994

Dark, nearly black from all points, with brick just visible near the shallows. Nose bursts with cedar, oak, coffee, mushroom, composted roses, cardamom, tarragon, fig and prune, plum and sweet potato skins. Drinks well for vintage, showing laser of mint and baker’s chocolate, just-sweet mocha tobacco, espresso, cinnamon, clove and bark; expansive and complex, tannins still grainy. Bran and buckwheat, graphite, salted, dried plum. Grilled caramel, cedar from aforementioned grill, dried cranberry and black cherries. A pleasant surprise.

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Château Pontet-Canet

Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend 2014

Lovely nose of slow cooked beef and heirloom pork, red and black roses, brown bread stuffing, fine tabak, vanilla-in-bread, dusty black cherry, dried black currant and espresso powder. Black olive rounds the palate in a textural wave that intensifies to charred grape gravy, very sharp forest berry, lavender, holly, pine nettle, and sage. Younger offering here but fully integrated and freshly offering dark bark and dark castings with lively fruit and floral punctuation.

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