Pfalz Pinot Noir 2016

Elegant simplicity with a hint of artistic panache for the label artwork. Name is reminiscent of that sixteen going on seventeen girl in ‘The Sound of Music’. Nose has lots of jammy fruit. Smells like iris flowers, sweet peas, and summer meadow wild strawberry. Flavors are excellent. Fresh red (not pie) cherries, maybe some Queen Anne cherry too. Green tea with pomegranate molasses. Hint of fennel bulb mixed with craisins. Not a complex and chewy, deep mushroomy Pinot Nior, but it’s an interesting and very gratifying lower alcohol wine. Found it for $13 as well. Great value for the German wine adventure. Fun to show off the bottle and just as fun to drink the wine inside. — 3 years ago

Limerick Lane

Russian River Valley Zinfandel

Lots of spice, not too fruity. Great Zin with Andy and Liesl — 9 years ago